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2ZZ S1 Motorsport on Elise Racing individual throttle bodies.


This brief video is of a Motorsport S1 car fitted with a 250 BHP dry sumped 2ZZ engine running Elise Racing throttle bodies and a Sadev sequential gearbox with some basic electronic aids.Turn up the volume to listen to the induction noise.


Honda S1 Elise fitted with a Honda K20 engine and Rotrex Supercharger


This S1 was fitted over a year ago with an Elise Racing Honda K20 installation. After a great season of trackdays the owner decided to go for a little more power but without sacraficing reliability. We installed a Rotrex supercharger with our track specification charge cooler and pre radiator on the underside of the crash box. An Elise Racing supercharger oil cooling system was also fitted to combat the high oil temperature problem normally associated with the Rotex.The car has had a number of trouble free very quick trackdays in 2014 with 315 BHP at a modest 0.65 bar of boost, Rotrex oil temps below 40 degrees.Bigger brakes next!

Elise Racing Paddleshift


Here's a short example video, which shows the gearchange on a sequential Hewland gearbox running with the Elise Racing gearbox control. Gearchange periods are as low as 35m/s.
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