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T4 and T4E ECU


T4 denotes mechanical throttle and T4E denotes drive by wire throttle cars.


This ecu has been developed as a direct replacement vehicles using the EFI  T4 mechanical throttle ECU. Ie Lotus 111R Toyota Models. There is also a T4E version which again needs no wiring loom mods and has an expanded I/O


   ECU Package                                                                               £2195 + VAT   Traction control 11 position switch and loom                     £150 + VAT  Map sensor and air temp sensor with loom                      £185 + VAT

Wide band NTK sensor with twin connector loom         £216 + VAT


Map sensor and air temp sensor are for use in turbo and supercharger applications.


The ecu is a high level package with advanced software features.The format can be programmed by the user for normally aspirated or forced induction applications.  There is provision for a map sensor and air temp sensor to replace the factory air flow meter.

The fitment requires no modifications to the engine loom and an optional loom is available to plug directly into the ecu to give the car traction control using inputs from the car's ABS unit. The pre and post lambda's are replaced by a new loom for fitment of a pre wide band lambda sensor and an optional K series thermocouple for closed loop tuning from exhaust gas temperature as well as wide band lambda.

The cars original dash works with no modification required and the on board fuel level system works and can be recalibrated with ease to suit new fuel tank installations.

All inputs and outputs are user definable and a powerful on board data logging system is in place.

The ecu can also be used in other installations using a standard Lotus engine loom.

Technical Specification


Cnc machined aluminium waterproof case with anodised finish

100 MHz full duplex ethernet for connection to PC for programming and data download

1 CAN 2.0B interface

16 general purpose analogue inputs:
- 4 5V/bipolar, sensor/sync/speed, programmable trigger voltages
- 4 5V/Thermistor, sensor/sync/speed, fixed trigger voltages
- 4 5V sensor input
- 4 Thermistor sensor input

1 NTK/LSU lambda circuit
1 K-type thermocouple circuit
1 knock input

16 low side driver outputs:
-8 injection outputs (Max 10 amps)
-8 ancillary outputs (Max 5 amps)

6 logic level ignition outputs (5 or 12v)

1MB Battery backed internal logging memory

6 to 26v input voltage range with reverse polarity protection

2 regulated 5V sensor supply outputs with protection

Unregulated sensor supply output which tracks the ECU supply voltage

5 Separately protected sensor and communication ground inputs


The software is of the highest level and is user definable; however the ecu can be programmed in a format which will suit the individual car prior to leaving our factory to enable the user a simple passage where he can straightforwardly proceed to mapping/calibration of the fuel and ignition system. The can bus system communicates with the original Lotus dash and allows simple calibration of fuel levels and control of fans and other outputs.

The system can be run as throttle / engine speed with wide band and knock control for atmo cars or for charged cars the system can be run with a map sensor and charge temperature along with wide band, knock and egt as tuning inputs.


Further engine management solutions are in progress for Lotus running Honda engines, Vauxhall VX220, Honda S2000 and more systems as time goes on.


We can also provide engine management systems for other vehicles by producing high quality engine looms and users of 2ZZ engines can use our Lotus systems with the standard Lotus engine loom and a simple loom to connect to the car’s chassis. These ecu packages are often reffered to as Lotus Elise or Exige plug and play or Exige plug n play. This often means plug and play but with the original ecu still in place to control some of the car's electronic features. This is not the case with an Elise Racing H-Pro ecu. The H-Pro will always be a direct replacement unit completely removing the cars original ecu. 


Gearbox control


In recent years it is becoming extremely popular to control the sequential racing car gearbox with an airshift system which we control with our engine management systems. We have found that the best solution is to do this by one control system for the engine and gearbox. Whilst an external gearbox ecu has served as a good basis to develop the idea we have found that along with drive by wire throttles and precise integration to the car’s engine management system it makes far more sense to have one unit controlling both the engine and gearbox together in harmony, this allows control of compressors and pressure systems in one complete package.  There are also more commands which are possible to protect the gearbox and engine and simple driver errors whilst stationary which are more difficult to implement when running more than one system.


Programmable fuse box


Elise racing are now able to provide a service to install a programmable fuse box system to make the very best of your race car and to enable a trouble free wiring solution with intelligent diagnostics. These systems can be properly designed to fit your race car and to match all the hardware on your vehicle. You will never look back to a complicated car wiring loom again.


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