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Elise Racing Rocker Arm System



Elise racing produce a high specification 2zz rocker for the 2zz-ge engine used in the lotus Elise, exige and 211 using the 2zz-ge Toyota / Yamaha engine.


The standard 2zz rockers suffer with failures, which cause debris to be included into the engines lubrication system causing further engine damage. Engine performance is also affected when this wear occurs, 2zz rocker failure is normally attributed to low oil pressure at high engine speed or poor oil condition.


The Elise racing 2zz rocker arm is a standard unit which is stripped to a bare unit, the unit then undergoes crack testing followed a shot peening operation to strengthen the main body.


The roller is replaced and the wear pad is replaced with a wider unit, which is made from a superior material and undergoes three different heat treatments. The result is a wear pad far more capable of dealing with the load issues. Due to its material and dimension specification it is 53% more wear resistant than the original unit.


If used with Elise racing cross-drilled camshafts available at extra cost even better reliability can be achieved.


 8 2zz rockers are included in a set

An additional diamond like coating (dlc) is also available at extra cost.


Exchange for your old 2zz rockers since the bodies are used in the reconditioning process.


Cost of a set of eight rockers with shot peened bodies              £930.00 + VAT

An additional dlc coating is available for an additional                £165 + VAT

Fitment of Elise Racing wear tower to your std rocker               £70 +VAT   

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