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SYVECS   Howell   S65 M3 V8 Standalone  ecu and E92 M3 road car ecu.

                       Dual clutch 7 speed transmission DCT

                                            Control and installation packages


A development project has been undertaken by Howell Race Engineering and Syvecs Powertrain and Control to produce a  BMW M3 E92 Syvecs DCT standalone ecu, this replacement standalone engine and gearbox control package for the BMW E92 using the S65 BMW V8 engine. Full control has been established with full control of the clutch mechanisms allowing precise calibration to suit any application using this Getrag 7DCI700 gearbox


The DCT style of gearbox has been taking the OEM world by storm but precious few aftermarket users have been allowed to even consider the use of a DCT transmission, that is until now.

Howell Race Engineering Ltd are now supplying an ecu package to run the E92 M3 package, as well as the following packages which are under development with the standalone S65 engine with DCT gearbox package already available to order.


                                                            Option1 E92 M3 Road car Syvecs DCT


E92 M3 Engine and gearbox control package. Also available for manual transmission cars controlling CAN BUS throttle system and intelligent knock control, programmable 12 position traction control, use of map sensor for forced induction applications, rolling anti lag, multiple calibration maps available for different driver selectable map settings.


                                                               Option2 BMW S65 race car M3 DCT


Control of an S65 V8 engine with Syvecs DCT gearbox control fitted to any type of race car chassis, vehicle must have wheel speed inputs for gearbox and traction control.


                                                    Option3 Under Development BMW M3 S54 DCT


BMW M3 S54 six cylinder engine fitted with a Howell Race Engineering DCT flywheel and alloy adaptor plate. This package is for full control of the S54 engine and the 7 DCT gearbox together. This is available for the complete road car chassis package or for race car chassis where much of the original electronics package has been removed. When things like ABS systems are not required.




















                                                     Option4 Under Development Cosworth Sierra YB DCT


Finally a package for the Sierra Cosworth YB engine. Fitted with a Howell Race Engineering DCT flywheel and alloy adaptor plate. This package is for full control of the Cosworth YB Turbo engine and the 7 DCT gearbox together. This gearbox will handle 700 NM in standard form and can be modified to cope with over 1000NM of torque. Imagine a lightweight Cosworth with huge power and at last a 7 speed gearbox with amazing ratios along with lightening fast gearchanges, auto blip throttle for downshifts and if you feel a little lazy drop into auto mode and let the ecu make the gearchanges. If your feeling exceptionally lasy cruise control can also be implemented but we think most cusomers would be more interested in the rolling anti lag.


                                          Option 5 Under Development Chevrolet LS7 DCT V8 and Ford V8 DCT


This DCT gearbox is a perfect match for  this superb engine with all the normal benefits of running the Syvecs H-Pro ecu package. All the features mentioned above will be available for this package, it is also worth mentioning the extremely valuable engine protection features which come as standard and can be programmed to specification. Obviously the ecu has an extremely advanced knock control strategy which is complemented by a very precise wide band lambda strategy, also available are limits which can be applied to engine temperatures and pressures ensuring the driver is made aware of any problems by a sudden lack of available throttle and limited engine speed until the problem is addressed.





                                           DCT advantages

                                                      Super fast 80 m/s gear changes with full throttle shifts

                                                Auto throttle blipping matching engine speeds on downshifts

                                    Run in Manual with paddles or auto mode where ecu makes gearchanges

                                                         Improved engine reliability with no missed gears

                                   Improved laptimes due to improved gear change speed and very close ratios

                                                         Driver can focus on racing with one less job to do

                                                          Left foot braking for the more experienced driver








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