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Ferrari Race Engines & Gearbox Control




Ferrari Race Engines


With many years of experience Howell Race Engineering has the ability to rebuild the Ferrari engine both the historic and modern. Mechanical fuel injected Ferrari engine can also be catered for with complete refurbishment of the fuel head unit and injectors.


Engine cases can be vapour blasted and repainted for an authentic appearance. 308, 328, 348, 355 and 360 engines can have increased capacity. Ferrari engine building is our passion.


458 - 570BHP


Ferrari 348 and 355 and also 360 can benefit from valve size increases and correction of the exhaust venturi  effect which in most cases causes very poor performances below 5000 rpm.


360 engines with management systems typically produce a flat torque curve from 3500 rpm and produce in excess of 450 bhp.  Please contact us specific requirements.


Gearbox control packages for race use are also catered for with full gearbox control, including paddle airshift with fly by wire throttle blipping and clutch less upshifts and downshifts.

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