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Holinger Sequential Gearboxes


The finest most robust sequential gearboxes at realistic prices, these gearboxes are capable of withstnding serious BHP and have a fantastic reputation in long distance 24 hour events.



Lotus Elise Sequential Gearbox


The first two pictures show the Holingget transverse gearbox for the Lotus Elise, Exige and 211 models as well as K20 Honda applications. The gearbox is available in two versions allowing 250 ft/ibs of torque or a massive 550 ft/ibs.



Audi R8 Sequential Gearbox


The third and fourth picture show the new amazing Holinger MFT gearbox with a belhousing for the Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 V8 and V10 models. Holinger also produce a gearkit for the standard R8 and Gallardo gearbox cases.


Elise Racing Hewland


Elise Racing has masses of experience fitting upgraded gearboxes to the 2ZZ engine as well as other types of engine.

We favour the Holinger Sequential gearbox which is available in two forms the first level capable of withstanding 600 bhp. Elise Racing also fabricate to install other gearboxes such as Hewland, Egt and HP 2000 as well as Sadev any of these gearboxes cam be run as manual with flatshift and blip, alternately a complete control, airshift package can be fitted with paddle control, compressor, solenoids all linked via the ecu and fly by wire throttle control. There aremany advantages with a control system such as engine protection, gearbox reliability with dramatically extended service periods, programmable automatic upshift. A professionally fitted well thought out package makes for a very quick race car.

The Elise Racing H Pro T4E Lotus ecu has provision for full  gearbox control, alternatively on non lotus installations we would make use of a Life racing ecu with gearbox control.

Gearbox control


In recent years the use of an ecu for gearbox control has become invaluable. Gearbox internals hve become more reliable along with significant performance imporovents.We can provide complete engine management systems with gearbox contol incorporated. The benefits such as automatic upshift in certain throttle positions is one of the benefits along with fly by wire throttle control taking over throttle blipping duties for seemless downshifting.

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