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Fitment of Elise Racing EN24 2ZZ Oil Pump Gears


This is an essential protection for your 2ZZ engine


EN24 2ZZ oil gears £236 (supply only)


EN24 2ZZ TiN gears £322 (supply only)


EN24 2ZZ oil gears fitted £1182


Add fitment of trap door sump £650


Uprated EN24 2ZZ oil pump gear including fitting

Hi quality HRE 2ZZ-GE oil pump gears.

Support the bottom of engine do not damage sump.

Remove Rocker cover, Rotate engine to top dead centre cyl 1 Mark cam chain system for re-timing upon re-assembly.

Remove alternator, front crankshaft pulley, water pump, auxiliary tensioning devices and cam chain tensioner. Cam chain tensioner should be compressed and hooked for reassembly.

Drain water from system using tap on exhaust manifold side of engine.

Remove front engine cover.

Remove steel timing toothed plate, and remove cam chain and crankshaft toothed gear.

Carefully unbolt the oil pump and remove.

With the pump on a clean working area remove the screws in the back of the oil pump and remove the rear oil pump cover. An impact driver is useful for this operation.

Once apart clean the oil casing and check for any damage, there should not be anything more than a shadow of wear in the alloy faces, any grooves or grazes then the oil pump case should be replaced.

Fit the new oil pump gear with the small dot on both pieces on view once the gears are dropped into place. Apply a generous amount of engine oil and rotate until the gear is completely covered in oil.

Refit the alloy oil pump case cover and once tightened ensure the oil pump gears are able to rotate.

Fit a new TOYOTA GENUINE gasket for the oil pump.

You will find it easiest to turn the oil pump gear to the correct alignment of the crankshaft and carefully manoeuvre the new pump into place, this can be quite tricky since tolerances are tight.

Rebuild in the reverse order and insure that no dirt is allowed into the engine.

Also insure that correct water bleeding is adopted to protect your engine.

Fit new oil and filter before run up.

Option add trap door alloy sump including fitting add £550.

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