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Lotus Elise, Exige and 211 mechanical and electronic throttle engine and ecu upgrades.

Upgraded camshafts
Elise Racing upgraded camshaft rockers and ECU

This upgrade is for the replacement of camshafts with Elise racing lubrication system and Elise racing Hi specification rocker system along with the H Pro T4 or T4E engine management system. Gain massive amounts of midrange torque as well as higher peak horespower. An almost flat torque curve is achieved. The advanced ecu also gives additional features such as race bred traction control even for cars previously not fitted with traction control.


Cost of the complete conversion fitted £4100 + VAT

2ZZ Throttle bodies


Fitment of Elise racing throttle bodies and airbox system is a way of increasing the engines power significantly. Fitted with a set of Elise racing cams and Elise racing high specification rockers along with a set of 12.5 cr Mahle pistons and H Pro ecu you can expect a very quick car producing around 230 BHP. Users will find that on a trackday it will only take two laps before you are outperforming Supercharged versions of the Elise which will suffer with heat soak in the first few laps. 


Typical cost of the above £7600 + VAT

H Pro Ecu
If you already have a modified car and need perfection

Elise Racing produce a High specification ecu as a direct replacement for the standard T4 or T4E ecu's based upon the Syvecs platform. No wiring modifications are necesary and there are benefits such as switchable traction control, programming of sensor inputs and outputs, inteligent knock control, wide band lambda tuning, throttle position or map sensor mapping for atmo or forced induction cars, engine protection, any dash display.


There are many advanced tuners in the UK with great experience with the Syvecs platform or Elise Racing can setup on a Maha LPS 3000 rolling road or for more serious projects on the engine dyno.


Prices from £2200 + VAT

2ZZ Rotrex Supercharger

Elise Racing have developed a Rotrex installation of the 30-94. Fitted to a standard engine with an Elise Racing charecooler and H Pro ecu expect exhilarating performance with power figures approaching 300 BHP with a standard engine. Great care has been taken to producing a special cooling system for the Rotrex superchargers oil system maintaining an oil temperature of less than 40 degrees. Our competitors have worked on developing clever systems to lower the available engine revs when temperatures exceed 80 degrees, here at Elise Racing we decided to combat the problem instead and the reults speak for themselves. More power is available with engine modifications.


Rotrex installation, H Pro ecu + chargecooler fitted £9600 + VAT

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